Who is paying and for how much?

It is your wedding day. Don’t skip on the fun stuff. Start by creating a budget that is right for the both of you. Just remember, it’s all about communicating with each other and plenty or organization. 


One of the 1st things you should do is discuss who will be paying for what. Some may stick with tradition when it comes to weddings, but more and more nowadays both sides of the family may want or need to collaborate and pick up a cost here and there. This also includes both the bride and the groom. 


The question also may be, how to get together and have a calm and productive discussion on the matter?


Some couples may want to sit down and have a talk with each individual families. That way it won’t be awkward for either side. You may want to ask each set of parents or side of the family, to cover a certain dollar amount, or a specific part of the wedding, for example the cake or flowers. 


Remember that the most important thing is good communication all around. Don’t leave it to chance or any assumption. At the end of the day both of you will have a better understanding of what you can, can’t, should or shouldn’t, when you know exactly where all contributing members stands in the question of who is paying for what. 



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