Newly engaged couples

You just got engaged.  Congratulations!!  The excitement has not stopped you from telling all your closest friends and family.  Feeling overwhelmed is natural when you have so many wedding planning ideas.  Of the your questions may be just where to start?  Making yourself a to-do list is a good place to begin. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.  Decide on the wedding budget. Because of this, all of your wedding decisions will stem from this very topic.  Even if you and your fiance are paying from the wedding yourselves or your families may be helping out.  So decide early on.

2.  Get your ring insured.  Most likely, the jeweler where the ring was purchased will have good recommendation on this.  In case your ring is too small are too big, this will be the perfect time to get it resized.

3.  Schedule the engagement photos.  Most likely you will want a local photographer.  Do your research!  Not all photographers will have the talent you are looking for so, go ahead and be very selective, after all it's only your engagement and maybe wedding pictures.

4.  Start a guest list.  Remember this is just a rough estimate.  In time, adjust as needed.  Knowing a rough count on how many guests you will have it may help with knowing the size of a venue. 

5.  Pick who each of you will have in your party.  This will require planning on the parts of each individuals you will ask.  So make this one of your priorities.  The earlier both of you asks, the better.

6.  Choose a date for the big day.  This may get a little tricky.  Any date you both decide on, should be accompanied by calling different venues you like and seeing if that date is available.  

7.  Style inspirations.  Only you know exactly what you like.  Search on different social media platforms like Instagram an Pinterest.  Also check to see if there will be any wedding expos and events you can attend.  That will be the perfect time to check out the local vendors, like photographers and florists.

Most of all enjoy every moment.  Ask for help, you will be pleasantly surprised from so many people ready and willing to land a hand.  Enjoy all the little things.  Soon it will be over, and like with everything else, who doesn't want happy memories from the most important time in their lives?  So, enjoy then enjoy it some more.







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